Scrap & Stamp Arts Feb/Mar 2014

Just Cards! Winter 2014

Take Ten Winter 2014

Scrap & Stamp Arts December 2013

Just Cards! Fall 2013

Scrap & Stamp Arts October 2013

Take Ten Fall 2013

Just Cards! Summer 2013

Scrap & Stamp Arts July 2013

Just Cards! Christmas 2013

Just Cards! Spring 2013

Scrap & Stamp Arts March 2013 (woo-hoo! another cover-card on the left)

Just Cards! Winter 2013

Just Cards! Fall 2012

My first publication - Just Cards! Holidays 2012 (oh my, 2 cover cards-Thanksgiving and Christmas

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  1. Wow I love that you can have a separate tab or page for the magazines your published in. Too cool!


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