Friday, May 1, 2009

Hallmark Scrapbook Challenge - Cricut Forum WIMG Tag Feature

Carole Beath (crayola58) is reviving the Hallmark Scrapbook
weekly Cricut challenge (Regina and Sharon have bowed out
as they are both so busy with tons of other stuff.) I chose
this weekend’s cut and selected any cut from WIMG using
the TAG feature. I cut three stems using this feature. I
then used three different flowers each cut three times in
various sizes and run through my CB with the Swiss Dots
folder. I added the beehive, the bee and the sentiment along
with some thin gauge wire and doodling. Please come check
out the forum and play along. No pressure – Just fun!
Thanks for dropping in.


  1. Dear Kris, I'm so glad to see that you have decided to share all your wonderful cards on a blog of your own. Always love the cards you share on the cricut mb, and am thrilled that I can see them all in one special place now! You inspire me so!

  2. Kris, what a great pick!!! Love how you added the flowers on the stem. I had your 3 tags stuck in my head and it was inevitable that mine would have 3 tags! This was a fun one!

  3. This is so cute! I've signed up for the challenge too, but my husband still has pneumonia and i'm so busy with work, I can't get anything done!!

  4. Hey Kris! I hope to be joining you guys again real soon. Maybe even for this one. Great pick! LOVE your card! Adorable way to use the tag feature. xxD


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