Monday, April 19, 2010

Spread Your Wings

What am I doing posting in the middle of a Monday you might ask? Well, we got home from our niece's wedding yesterday and took today to catch up. I am not a happy camper! I got home and went to download all of my wedding pics and my camera couldn't read my memory card. Oh, was I upset. I spent this morning going to just about every place I know that has a reader (all of the drug stores, Target, etc.) and it's just got to be reformatted...all of my pics will be lost! Hopefully I will get some emailed from my two SIL's soon and can share some of the beauty of Sedona, AZ with you. Until then...

I decided to play with some of my new Polkadoodles Fairy Flutterfly stamps. If some areas look a bit "smudgy" it's because of my mood and total lack of patience after stamping them!

First let me show you what you get with this set called Meeshelle. Notice you get six stamps and they are a great value.

Now here's what I've done.

I stamped Meeshelle on white card and then again on a 3x3 sticky note (just her top half). I cut her out of the sticky note to make a mask, put the mask on top of the first stamped image and then inked up the big butterfly and stamped it right on top of Meeshelle putting the wings right behind her. Then I colored her with Prismas and OMS. I cut some marquees using my Cricut and Storybook and the sentiment from Straight From the Nest. AND then I used (very sneaky of me!) a backing paper from Nikky's brand new CD that will be released this Friday. So use the link above to see all of the fabulous Fairy Flutterfly stamp sets and learn more about her new CD "All Around & Everywhere". That's it for now...I'm done crying over pictures...time for some wine! Have a great week.


  1. I'm sorry to hear about your pictures ... how frustrating ... but your card is adorable! Hope you have a great rest of your week.

    Jo xx

  2. OH, this is so cute, I love the wording. Great card. Bummer about the pictures. Deb

  3. I've been so bad about posting on other's websites, but I've been checking on you regularly, lol. You know I love all your creations anyway :). So sorry about the pictures, especially a wedding in Sedona! I am sure there are plenty who will share.

  4. Oh Kris, that's really sad, but hopefully you'll get some pics from your SIL's soon. Beautiful card. aren't these fairies so lovely.

  5. Sorry to hear about your pictures...I know how frustrating that can be! Love your card. That image is precious!

  6. Hey lady, I'm with you, wine fixes all! LOVE this card, Kris! The black frame and shadow for your sentiment sets everything off so well! ADORABLE image and love how you gave her wings! xxD


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