Sunday, June 19, 2011

Thank You

I just had to make this special thank you for our neighbor to the North.  They have an apple tree that sits right next to our common wall.  Well, we all know it's impossible to grow just half a tree so you might imagine that half of the top is on our side of the wall.  Bill gripes constantly about having to pick up errant apples this time of year.  He was in the back yard last weekend when our neighbor struck up a conversation about that very thing.  Bill told her he just chucks them over the back wall (natural desert) to feed the bunnies.  Well she told him to hold on a minute and came back with a freshly baked pie.  One day last summer about this time the kids were here and they tried to eat one of these apples and they were very mushy and bitter.  I was in my craft room (of course!) and Bill came in carrying the pie.  He was going to pitch it.  That wasn't going to work for me.  It didn't really fit in with our dinner plans so I took a piece in my lunch on Monday.  It was delicious!  I surprised Bill with a piece in his lunch on Tuesday and he agreed.  So I had to make this card.

Paper: various-all from my stash
Cricut: pie w/rolling pin-Country Life, apple-Doodlecharms, Thank You-a cut that had been laying around for a while
Other: Nesties

It only took me about 15 minutes but I hope she'll like it (and think about making me another one!).  I hope this has a been a terrific Father's Day for everyone.  I know I enjoyed talking to my "Pops" earlier.  Hugs...Kris


  1. Love your story of the apples..reminds me of the fig tree that hung on my side of the fence..Man was I a happy camper when they were

    What a perfect Thank you card you did for her.. I sure she will love it


  2. What a cute card for your neighbor and it is so perfect! I'm very picky about apple pies, I'm glad you took the risk and tried it.

  3. Loved your story, love this card.

  4. How sweet of her! Love the card. I can almost smell that pie! xxD

  5. Hi~ Cute story and what a yummy card!

  6. Hey Kris! I haven't been over to your blog in quite some time and thought I'd pop in for a quick hello. Enjoyed your story and the card is just perfect. I'm sure she loved it! Hope all is wellmwith you and yours.
    Hugs, Margie


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