Monday, August 20, 2012

Maybe I'm Back?

I can't believe that it's been over a year since I posted on this blog.  You know how they say time flies when you're having fun?...well it also flies when life isn't how you want it to go at all.  This past year has produced some real lows for me.  We lost both of our beloved Labrador Retrievers...Cooper last July and Betty in March of this year.  I battled with my parents for months and finally got them moved to AZ and settled in when my Mother suddenly passed away on May 6th...6 weeks after moving and one week before Mother's Day.  Now my "Pops" is a constant daily challenge for me.  Not to say that there haven't been some good/great times over the last year.  First, we had another Grandson (no girls for us).  Nolan was born on October 7th (my Brother's birthday) and he is such a good baby-see his pic on the right.  Secondly, I retired.  Last November was it for me and even though I spent most of the next few months getting my folks moved I've got to tell ya just how much I like my new "status".  Lots of people told me that my A-type personality would miss the corporate world in a big way.  I was so ready...I don't miss it at all.  Also with the loss of Cooper last summer we decided to get 2 new Labrador Retriever pups (what were we thinking????) to coincide with my retirement.  We knew last fall that Betty (she turned 12 last December) wouldn't be with us much longer so what's 3 dogs for a year or so?  Bronko and Lucy are litter-mates and they keep us hoppin'.  Bronko is huge (just what Bill said he wanted) and will probably settle in around 90 lbs.  Lucy is all girl (will be smaller at around 65-70 lbs.) but she is the total instigator.  My BFF has nicknamed her "The Perp".  You can see their pics over on the right side also (promise some updated ones soon as their 1st birthday is just a week away).

AND just so you don't think I haven't been making any cards I thought I'd post what I have been working on.  This is a total blessing for me.  My Mother really pushed me to try this and I can only say that I am so sad she is not here to see.  So, here are a few descriptions or recipes - just pics with the surprise at the end.  Since it's been so long, I feel like a kid on the first day of school.  I hope you like what you see.

And you can see them all here.

I hope Mom is looking down on me and smiling. 


  1. I KNOW you HAVE to hear my woot woot all the way from Glendale to Tucson. You're back... we are delighted. My heart has been with you thru the sad times you've had this past year, we had some good times when Pat and I came to Tucson in July and I am so so pleased about your published cards. You deserve to be recognized, and I know your sweet Mom is looking down, so so proud.
    Welcome back...we want more we want more we w.... well you know.

  2. Hello dear friend! You have truly been missed :)
    I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your mom. It sounds like you've been on a roller coaster ride this past year but I was delighted to your post on my sidebar!
    A huge congratulations on that beautiful grandson! He is cutie pie! Grandchildren are the best cure for the blues.
    I am not a big dog lover (mostly due to allergies) but I am partial to yellow labs. We bought Holly when she was two months old and she was my fifth child up until a few years ago, when we had to put her down. She was 13 years old and very sick. She was the best dog ever, especially when the kids were young. I never had to worry about her hurting them.
    OH! I just read your surprise ending! WOO HOO, KRIS! You GO girl! That is amazing! I am so, so happy for you! Where can I get a copy of this? I'm going to Google it right now! YIPPEE FOR YOU!

  3. Oh, you're back, alright! Back with a Bang! I just found the magazine and I'm pretty sure I can pick this up at Barnes & Noble. I'll be on the lookout for it. CONGRATULATIONS!

  4. I'm so happy your back! It does seem like the year has gone so fast since you last posted. I'm so happy your Cards were selected and published, you deserve it! Congrats, your BBF,(and you made me cry)


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